Important Nomads

Female Trainer

This is not Iain! Picture still to come!

Iain Teaze

Team Captain

Perhaps the worlds most important Nomad, Iain has been with the club for as long as anyone can remember.


Generally organising and sorting everything related to the club. Whatever your Nomads question is, Iain probalby has the answer!

Blonde Trainer

This is not Mark! Picture still to come!

Mark McKinney

Club Coach

Former coach with Scotia, Mark has a tough role. Tasked with finding swimming sessions that will both push us Nomads, but that we will also enjoy is an unenviable task, but Mark is coping with it fantastically well. Join one of his sessions at Scotstoun on a Wednesday evening.

Man Stretching

This is not Lynne! Picture still to come!

Lynne McKerlie

Social convenor

Organising a disparate group of grumpy Nomads is remarkably similar to controlling children, so its lucky that Lynne is a teacher and has the patience to sort us out. If you havent met Lynne at training, you will certainly meet her at our next night out!

Trainer with Towel

This is not Sandra! Picture still to come!

Sandra Branney

Events Convenor

Its a strange idea that when you have been with the club for a few years you are still regarded as a relatively new member, but Sandra is one of these. Ever helpful and resourceful, Sandra is in charge of identifying  swimming oportunities for the team. Look out for her regular email or meet her at training.